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Welcome to Twitties.co.uk, the home of British social network models. Twitties UK is a media platform dedicated to showing off the best British babes that Twitter has to offer. Only the sexiest British girls make it on to Twitties UK, so you can be sure you are joining the ranks of the best British models out there! Whether you're an aspiring British glamour model, or a fully fledged British porn star, you can be featured on Twitties UK. Featuring everybody including the hottest British girls next door, we cater for every taste!

We also feature a vast array of self shot amateur babes direct from Twitter along with professional models, porn stars, plus size models, web cam models, promo girls, nude babes, Babestation babes and lots more - if you're a sexy British babe, we'll get you featured!

Perhaps you're looking for a UK modelling agency, or model jobs in the UK? A great way of showcasing your talents are submitting sexy photographs on Twitter, and Twitties UK can give you the ultimate exposure that you need to get noticed! Submit your images to Twitties UK and see what opportunities may come your way.

What are the benefits of being featured?

Exposure (and bragging rights) of course! Twitter is a very limited medium that many people aren't currently familiar with - but we plan to change this. We want to show the whole world just what Twitter has to offer by featuring YOU, the sexiest British babes, on our website.

In turn, this will inevitably lead to more Twitter fans & followers for your profile, more hits to your personal website and a huge amount of online exposure. Put simply, Twitties UK is your ultimate free marketing tool!

In light of this, please make sure your Twitter profile details are up-to-date, as we use your public details (such as personal website, screen name and biography details) when you are featured. Don't worry, we'll never ask for or publish any private details, and if you're not happy with anything we may post, we will remove it for you ASAP.

How to get featured

If you haven't yet been featured on our website, don't worry as you've probably just slipped through the net. It's super-easy to get yourself directly featured on Twitties UK.

Simply tweet us a sexy picture of yourself (or as many as you wish) using our Twitter username @TwittiesUK, and if you're lucky enough to be picked, you'll be featured as soon as possible!

Alternatively, we offer a submission form on the website to upload any images as you wish. Click Here to find out more.

You need to be a member of Twitties UK to use this (Don't worry, it's free!)

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We do ask that all applicants are above 18 years of age, however… We don't mind just how explicit you want to get with your images (obviously nothing illegal, and try to keep it classy) - we're giving you the freedom to go wild!

You're more likely to be featured if you provide us with high resolution images that show-off your curves (lingerie or nude) - but providing you can take a sexy photograph, we're really not that fussy! Take a look at our existing featured babes to see the kind of images we love.

Our website is updated frequently, and we get a lot of submissions, so check back regularly to see if you've been featured. Oh, and we'll also send you a congratulatory tweet once you've been featured, 'cos we're nice like that.

We really look forward to seeing you soon!

The Twitties UK Team